Thursday, August 11, 2005

Willets Point Jets

The News and Post are both reporting that Queens Borough President Helen Marshall is entreating the Jets to build a new stadium at Willets Point. In a letter to Jets President Jay Cross Marshall wrote:

A new stadium in America's most diverse borough would allow a New York team to return to where Joe Namath led it to victory in Super Bowl III. A new Jets Stadium would complement the new Shea Stadium and the spectacular U.S. Tennis Center and make the borough a regional sports mecca
Apparently Helen has scheduled a meeting with Cross on August 23rd to “discuss specific options” but the prevelant theory is that the Willets Point site, inconveniently occupied at this time, will be the target. We are particularly amused by the favorite depiction of the area as “long neglected.” Only in politics would the victims of neglect be singled out for obloquy and the developer’s bulldozer.

Here our suggestion: Why doesn’t the BP find a slightly run down area of Jamaica where the houses are not necessarily of the highest quality and do what the city of New London did? Imagine the rightful outcry here. So why is the displacement of small businesses who have been operating in an area for years no less objectionable?