Friday, August 05, 2005

UnRelated to the Truth

Oops! Looks like the folks at Related made a boo boo when they told Anne Michaud at the Crain’s Insider that the lease payments to the City for the Gateway Mall would be $500,000 per month. Now, as we’ve been reporting, and the Insider corrected yesterday, that’s not the case. The actual payment is per year not per month.

One could suppose, however, that the Related statement is just a Freudian slip. We can just see Steve Ross and the boys sitting around the conference table laughing about all this and saying: “What a joke. We made a mistake with EDC and said per year instead of per month and the morons agreed!”

Well it sure looks like Anne Michaud is going to be double checking anything coming from that quarter. While you’re at it Anne, double check EDC's veracity as well and take a look at our own deconstruction of the City's press statement yesterday.