Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bloomberg's Food Stamp Veto

In a fashion that is becoming all-too familiar Mayor Bloomberg vetoed three bills last month that would have expanded food stamp eligibility by easing, for needy New Yorkers, access to the federal program. It seems that the mayor only morphs into some kind of fiscal conservative if the issue in question will do some good to neighborhood businesses. These bill, which we're hoping the City Council will override tommorrow, will provide low income folks a little more buying power for their groceries, something that will give the city supermarkets, bodegas and green grocers a boost.

Major props to Concilmember Eric Gioia whose investigation into the program led to the passage of the bills in question. Gioia will be leading a rally and press conference today in frot of a Pathmark store at 42-02 Northern Blvd. in Long Island City today at 11:30 am.

Joining the councilmember today will be Paul Fernandez, president of the Nationa Supermarket Association, Jose Fernandez of the Bodega Association and Sung Soo KIm of the Korean Small Business Service Center. Our friends at Local 1500 of the UFCW are co-sponsoring the event along with Councilmember Gioia.