Thursday, August 18, 2005

Health Care Act Passes

As expected the City Counci overwhelmingly passed the HCSA yesterday by a vote of 46-1. Frank Lombardi has a good story this morning and Winnie Hu(welcome back from maternity) also covers in this morning's Times. The mayor, claiming that a municipality doesn't have the authority to regulate health benefits is threatening a veto.

Whatever the outcome of any litigation on this issue, the passage of the bill sends an impotant message to the box store deadbeats who believe that the taxpayer should pick up the tab for the health benefits that these multi-billion dollar companies are too cheap to cover. The canard about raising the price of groceries is a smokescreen to cover the outrageous corporate welfare fraud. All conservatives especially should be alive to this issue.

What we need now is for AG Eliot Spitzer to do a full investigation of the number of Wal-Mart employees that are on the public dole. We suspect that the situation in NY state will resemble the scandalous discovery in so many other states that Wal-Mart leads the way in welfare sponging.