Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Health Care Security Act

The City council will vote today, and we believe pass, the Health Care Security Act.The bill is an attempt to prevent companies like Wal-Mart from passing along their health care costs to the taxpayers. As we have been reporting, in state after state the retail giant leads the way in having its employees access the public health care system, thus forcing the public to pick up the tab for benefits that the world's most successful retailer should be paying itself.

What everyone should be aware of is just how significant this legislation can be. Wal-Mart's constant refrain is the catechism: "everyday low prices". The HCSA exposes this fraud for what it is: a subterfuge that hides how the tax payers are subsidizing the company's low prices at the expense of more decent employers. The HCSA simply levels the playing field so that competition can fairly take place on a level playing field.

There will be a press conference on the legislation at 12:00 today.We expect that the usual suspects will decry the Council's action. Will they, however, be equally as forceful in criticizing the behemoth for its willingness to have hundreds of thousands of its employees on the public dole? We don't think so.