Friday, August 26, 2005

The Flushing Jets?

Undaunted by some of the initial vocal criticism, Queens BP Helen Marshall renewed her calls to bring the Jets to an area in Flushing Meadow Park. Her case for the site rests on her belief that the area in question, The Fountain of the Planets, is an eye sore and won't be missed. As she said in today's Daily News:

I went to the site...It is really now just a bog, big pool of stagnant water with garbage thrown in
On the other hand the mayor was more circumspect about the taking of parkland:

The alienation of parkland is clearly going to be very controversial [except in the Bronx next to Yankee Stadium, it appears], and something that has to be looked into.
While this is going on, however, there is still no clear idea about the Jets' intentions.

What is cetrain is that if parkland is eventually alienated it will need to be replaced elsewhere. That brings us to Willets Point as the most likely target. If that is the case everyone should prepare for a major battle, one that will include area merchants, park advocates and eminent domain opponents from all over ths city.