Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Conscience of a Conservative

Absolute props go to Alicia Colon, a principled conservative with whom we have disagreed on box store issues. In yesterday’s NY Sun Colon goes after the Mayor’s campaign literature and righteously deconstructs the false message.

In the first place she ridicules the Mayor’s one-time $400 tax rebate pointing out that she is now paying an extra $250/month – you do the math. She then points out that the Mayor’s questionable economic development policies, particularly those involving the Olympics and area sports teams:

It's all about making billions. Meanwhile, developers who are not cozy with the mayor - the actor Danny Aiello and the principals of Stapleton Studios - had their Staten Island project quashed by the city's Economic Development Corporation in spite of tremendous community support for it.
When are the Mayor’s opponents going to wise up? The incumbent is running on a platform on “no special interests,” touting his wealth as a positive. Yet, in practice, his administration has run a set-aside program that benefits his peers. As a caller to Colon remarked:

Much is made about Mr. Bloomberg's philanthropy when in actuality he's divvying up the most valuable parcels of city land to make billions for his friends.