Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Velodrome or Bust?

The New York Sun’s David Lombino is reporting today that the City and the Related Companies have not yet decided what to do with the now open velodrome site at the Bronx Terminal Market. Market merchants, looking to form a co-op to purchase a new market site, have eyed the velodrome location as a potential for the new facility.

According to the Sun article, Lee Silberstein, a spokesman for Related, said that “the City and the Developer are still considering options” for the velodrome site. After making that statement, however, Silberstein noted that the merchants:

have to think about and understand that there is not going to be a place where they will be able to locate where they can pay rents they are paying now.
Talk about arrogance! Silberstein, whose own company is the beneficiary of countless favors and sweetheart arrangements, is now counseling the merchants about the cold realities of the real estate market – and doing so, as the Sun points out, while using the merchant’s own rent money to evict them. This has to be the classic example of adding insult to injury.