Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fruit Stand Bill Called the Pits

Mr. Sung Soo Kim, the leader of the Korean American Small Business Service Center (KASBSC), has called our attention to a bill that would increase the regulatory burden on the city's fruit stand owners. The bill(sorry we don't have the Intro number), is sponsored by Councilmember John Liu of Flushing. We have yet to review the bill's particulars but Kim argues that it would introduce similar land use review requirements as those imposed on mega stores.

We hold Mr. Kim and the KASBSC in high regard and if that group has a problem with the bill than the Council should take heed. Unfortunately, in an unusually swift action we are told that the bill will have a hearing in the morning and be voted on today at the full Council meeting. That kind of percipitous action is uncalled for and the Council should simply lay the bill over until September.