Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Stadium Delay and the Velodrome

If, as many observers believe, the continual stadium vote delay, as reported by Charles Bagli in the Times today, means that an endorsement of NYC's 2012 Olympic bid is unlikely, then what does this mean for the land swap of the House of Detention to Related (in exchange for the much anticipated Olympic Velodrome)? Another question: Will City Planning certify Gateway without this question answered? What’s intriguing here is the apparent exclusion of the House of D from the Gateway ULURP. Doesn’t the land involved significantly change the scope?

And whatever did happen to DCP Commissioner Amanda Burden, a one-time supporter of a transparent and fair land use process? To paraphrase the great satirist Tom Lehrer: “Once a fiery liberal spirit, but now when she speaks she must clear it.”