Monday, May 09, 2005

Crain's: Wal-Mart vs. Target

Tommy Fernandez writes in Crain's this morning comparing Wal-Mart to Target and describing New York's intense opposition to the former.

"There is something for everyone to hate in a Wal-Mart store," says lobbyist Richard Lipsky, who was a leader of the successful drive against the retailer in Queens.

Wal-Mart's girth makes it a focus of antipathy.

While its size (and hence its ability to trend set) is definitely a factor we'd also guess that New Yorker's are irked by the number of Wal-Mart employees on public assistance, the current gender discrimination lawsuit, the company's agressive anti-union stance, its affect of neighborhood business and quality of life, its red-state origins and policy of censoring certain books and magainzes.