Thursday, May 12, 2005

Keeping out Wal-Mart = Rise of Nazism?

According to the Arizona Daily Sun:

Campaign ads bankrolled by Wal-Mart and depicting a Nazi-era book burning are offensive and backhanded, say some Flagstaff citizens and veterans.
Backers contend they are a justified reminder of the need to protect freedoms.
The newspaper ads contend that Proposition 100's restrictions on big-box retailers are an infringement of constitutional freedoms. The message has been conveyed through a blurred photo of a Nazi book-burning taken from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum archives and a close-up of a person's mouth covered with tape.

Accompanying the ads is the statement: "Freedoms worth keeping," and references to the proposition as limiting choice.

But wait it gets more ridiculous:

Tom Farley, a consultant for Protect Flagstaff's Future, the campaign that sponsored the ads, said they will continue because they "make people think."

"If people are talking about the ads, they're doing a good job. People are giving up a freedom if they vote yes on Prop. 100. What will they be asked to give up next?"

Hat tip: JR Monsterfodder

Comparing legitimately concerned businessmen, community groups and citizens to Nazis certainly is a new low, even for Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart should publicly apologize for this defilement of the memory of the Holocaust and withdraw these ads immediately.