Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Gerson Borrero's Bronx Terminal Market Column

El Diario columnist Gerson Borrero does a great job questioning the current deal that has led to the eviction of the Bronx Terminal Market merchants. The merchants have a hearing tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. where it will be determined if their evictions can be stayed until the legality of this deal, one midwifed by the city and conducted secretly and without competitive bidding, is thoroughly examined. We're confident that the judge will find in the merchant's favor and so is Gerson who states:

"El mal olor que emana del proyecto es tan fuerte que pensamos que de la única manera que al Juez no le dará la peste mañana jueves en su sala del 60 de la calle Centre, es que tenga su nariz tupida."

My Bad Spanish Translation: "The bad small that emanates from the project is so strong that I think the only way that the Judge won't give them the stay tomorrow, Thursday morning in his 60 Centre Street courtroom, is if he has a stuffed nose"