Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Masyr's Gift to Giff

David Siefman reports in Sunday's Post that Related lawyer Jesse Masyr, through his wife Joanne, gave $4400 to Gifford Miller's campaign:

When BJ's Warehouse tried to open a new store in The Bronx, it quickly won support from the local community board, City Planning Commission, Bronx borough president and numerous residents.

But the City Council, in an attack on big-box stores and amid internal wrangling, refused to go along and BJ's pulled its application in February.

Jesse Masyr, the lawyer for the developer, Related Cos., certainly wasn't pleased.

Now, in an odd development, Masyr's wife, Joanne, has turned up in the campaign filings of Council Speaker Gifford Miller as a hefty $4,400 donor.

The contribution was recorded March 14 — a month after Miller helped kill the BJ's application.

"I obviously was disappointed in what happened," Masyr told The Post. "That's not going to end my friendship with Gifford."
Imagine the contribution if Related actually won that battle! So, according to Masyr, the money is simply being used to maintain a friendship. It couldn't have anything to do with Related's desire to rapidly certify their Gateway project this summer before the situation with the Bronx Terminal Market merchants is even decided.