Monday, May 30, 2005

“Dazzling New Box Center”

The Related Companies is moving aggressively into its high octane P.R. mode with today’s “exclusive” rendering of its “dazzling” new mall on the gravesite of the Bronx Terminal Market. Patrick Gallohue, who wrote the piece for the Post, seems to have gotten caught up in the manufactured euphoria saying that the retail development “could soon draw crowds rivaling those for ‘The House that Ruth Built.’” Perhaps, picking up on the comparison, we could call the development “the mall that ruthlessness built.”

In the article the Post quotes Related’s Glenn Goldstein who was last seen in what looked like a $1,000 Armani suit shilling for Related's ill-fated BJ’s project in Soundview. Goldstein once again trotted out the “eyesore” characterization of the Market but neglected to state how the culprit who created this eyesore, a despicable character named Buntzman, is now his company’s new partner in the development.

What will be in the Mall?

Once again, when given the opportunity Related remains coy about the mall’s content. After describing the company’s Brooklyn Gateway development, the one with Target, Home Depot and BJ’s, the Post cites the architects who aver that “its Bronx counterpart is likely to have a more homegrown appeal, at least on the ground floor…” Homegrown appeal: does this mean sancocho, platanos and rice and beans?

What we see here is another attempt at delaying disclosure of the tenants. We do know that you’re not going to generate $21 million in sales (could this number be right?) by just selling cuchifritos and cerveza. Come on Related, show us what’s behind door number two.