Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Related on the Move

A little bird informs us that Related met with a certain Bronx council member last week looking for support for their redolent “Gateway” project on the gravesite of the Bronx Terminal Market. When pressed, however, on the details of what will actually tenant the facility the Related folks were unforthcoming leading the council member to politely request that they get lost.

Why won’t Related disclose the information? Are they afraid of its impact? It’s not as if this is so far down the road given that the realtor is actively seeking to certify this project in June so that ULURP can begin. It makes sense to us that City Planning should insist that Related reveal the tenants with whom they have signed leases with before certifying this project.

One other question: Is the Bronx House of Detention part of this proposed land use review. If so, is this legal since no approval has been granted for the disposition of the property in exchange for what all the Bronx has been waiting for: a velodrome. (And if there are no Olympics what about this nefarious land swap?)