Thursday, April 19, 2007

Waiting for Nat Turner's Confessions

The controversy surrounding the peculiar educational philosophy of the Beacon School's Nat Turner continues to seethe, aided and abetted by what defenders of the school-ironically doting the "I's" and crossing the "T's" of the critics point, labe as right wing propaganda. As one commenter to my earlier post advised me: " should really stop trusting bullshit right wing papers like the post and sun..."

Ah yes, the fascists are coming, the fascists are coming. A new wave of McCarthyism is threatening to emerge and end the valuable contributions of one Nat Turner to the development of a new "progressive" pedagogy. Our view is that if folks want to support "The Little Red School House" they should pony up their own money and not stick their grubby little hands into the public till.

All of which is underscored by Dave Andreatta' piece in today's NY Post on the subject. What got us was one blog comment that was posted on one of the school's forums: "Don't lash out at people with your pro-American opinions and expect people to stay quiet." Indeed, the vanguard of the tenured revolution will strike back and exile you to ...Staten Island.

Of course, the response was from an anonymous commentator who is so proud of his anti-American views that he must cloak them in anonymity. Beacon is a sewer of propagandistic swill that needs to be drained. Don't mis-educate the young in the name of your imaginary revolution and expect the rest of us to sit back. Come out of the closet and identify yourselves, defend your views, and let's see how it all turns out, comrades.