Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day Ten: Times' Lockjaw Continues

As the Times' shameful silence continues on the attempt at legal lynching of the Duke3, there is a wonderful cartoon in the Charlotte Observer that asks the question: "If the lacrosse players are innocent, who's guilty?" In the cartoon there is a Blue Devil logo surrounding a caracature of Mike Nifing garbed in real devil attire.

And while Nifong deserves satanic first billing, it is certainly far from unfair to say that the paper of wreckage deserves a supporting actor award for its poor coverage and subsequent editorial silence. The Times had no problem excoriating Don Imus, but hasn't the menschlichkeit to make Nifong, who arguably has done far greater damage to racial comity in his abuse of power, the target of its editorial scorn.

Maybe the paper is waiting to get permission from the reverend al, since it appears that, on issues of racial injustice, the msm can't proceed without the charlatan's seal of approval. In any case, we're not surprised, just as we're not surprised that this shadow of its former self has had nothing to say about the King Amendment or the Nat Turner trip to Cuba controversy.

If stockholders aren't empowered to wrest control of this newspaper from its current owner, than it's only a matter of time before the folks realize that the emperor has no clothes. As far as our $500 a year is concerned, we have better uses for the money.