Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Harvey: The Ghost Of Integrity

In the continuing silence of the NY Times about the consequences of abuse of prosecutorial authority in the Duke3 case, we may have to take a different tack In the latest installment of KC Johnson's DIW blog he reprints portions of an e-mail that he received from the paper's sports columnist, one Harvey Araton.

THe last time we appreciated anything Araton had to say, he was covering the Knicks for the NY Daily News. From his discourse on the Duke situation it is clear that his hoop observations represented the zenith of his professional abilities. Back in March of last year Araton had chastised the Duke women's lacrosse team for its show of armband solidarity with their male counterparts. Now, a year later, the jockhead, intelligentsia wannabe, refuses to apologize for his maladroit opinions.

Which leads us to believe that, as far as the NY Times is concerned, silence really is golden. From Calumny Calame to Hoops Araton the entire Times integrity edifice is being eaten away by politically correct and unrepentant termites.

The final word on this corrupt mindset should be from graduating Duke Chronicle columnist Steven Miller who asked his readers whether the Duke situation might have been different "if Collin, Reade and David had been black students, accused of raping a white girl..." Miller then went on to go through the entire scenario with the races reversed. What we know for certain, and we agree with Miller here, is that not only wouldn't the case have lasted more than a week, but the politicians who are invisible on the current Durham case would have been holding candle light vigils along with the exonerated black athletes.

So, for the Times, mum's the word and the people who are concerned with double standards in this country should probably breathe a sigh of relief. Thank god for the alternative sources of more credible information and opinion. And as for Harvey, "Play Ball," that's the limit of your professional field of competance.