Friday, April 20, 2007

Imams in the Crosshairs

In what is likely to be the first salvo in an upcoming mayoral bid, John Catsimatidis, the CEO of the Red Apple Group has placed a full page ad in the NY Post today attacking the John Doe lawsuit filled by the "Six Imams on a Plane." The ad rightfully calls for the passage of the King amendment, a bill that would immunize bystanders who report suspicious behavior to authorities.

The ad was cited this morning in a Washington Times story and focuses attention on the fact that out of the entire NYC Congressional delegation, only Anthony Weiner, acting to protect New York's security, voted in the bill's favor. What in heaven's name was the rest of the delegation thinking? And what will Senators Schumer and Clinton do when the issue is sent to the Senate for consideration?

Catsimatidis is calling on the City Council to pass Hiram Monseratte's resolution of support and Senator Carl Kruger has introduced a resolution supporting the King amendment in the NYS Senate. So far, the city's three Republican council members have indicated that they were likely to support the reso and Councilman Mike Nelson told us to count him in as well. The resolution will likely be discussed at the next council meeting in two weeks, which gives ample time for the rest of the body to join in support of the city's safety.

One last piece. In response to the furor, the WT reports that CAIR, the genesis behind all of this skulduggery, is claiming that the lawsuit does not target people who simply report suspicious behavior, but only "those who have knowingly made false reports..."

Of course, this is all disingenuous, because separating the false reports from the "good faith" ones can only be determined in court depositions, and only after the targets have gone to a great deal of expense to defend their actions. All of us who are concerned with making this country safer should be supporting the Peter King's legislation.