Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not Cairing About New York's Security

The NY Sun is reporting this morning that the lawyer representing the "Imams on a Plane" is none other than the city's own Human Rights Commissioner, one Omar Mohammedi. If you remember back when this character, now the current president of CAIR, a Islamist advocacy group masquerading as a civil rights organization, was appointed a number of folks protested the elevation of someone from a group whose mission has gone far beyond any simple civil rights agenda.

The critics of the appointment were characterized by the mayor's press spokesman as "extremists," an irony considering the fact that CAIR has well documented links to groups that would be happy to see the United States destroyed (or transformed into a society ruled by Sharia, which is the same thing). Now, however, the lunacy of this appointment has been exposed with the revelation that Mohammedi is representing the imams who are suing the airlines for their removal from a US Airways flight last year.

This is lunacy, particularly for New York City, because we are a target of Islamic extremists. The pernicious nature of the lawsuit lies in the fact that the targets of the litigation are not just the airlines but actual passengers who were disturbed enough by the imams behavior to report it to authorities. The lawsuit, whether it is successful or not, will have the intended impact of chilling the active, and essential, intervention of citizens in the zealous protection of homeland security. Who's going to intervene if they can be threatened by legal action that may result in the loss of a life savings?

Mayor Bloomberg needs to act immediately and fire Mohammedi from his post. The most precious human right is the right to life and the security that insures a long a prosperous one for us, individually as well as collectively. Mohammedi is hooked up with the folks for whom human rights and civil rights are simply tools, different kinds of weapons in the overall jihad directed at our open and tolerant society.

Everyone has a right to use the legal system to seek redress. This does not mean that the lawyer who represents enemies of this country in the legal action needs to be enshrined in a position of honor and authority in a city that has suffered the most from the malignancy of a retrograde ideology that is smirking right behind this legal attack on the passengers of the Us Air flight out of Minnesota last year.

What's mindboggling here is the first response of the city to all of this. A spokeswoman for the city's Human Rights Commission told the Sun that Mohammedi's legal work "does not conflict with the work of this commission." Representing people who would do New Yorkers harm, in what amounts to a politically inspired lawsuit, is a threat to our human rights and the person who is leading the action needs to be removed immediately. It is a position that Peter King and Rudy Guiliani would understand viscerally, but a viscera is precisely what Blomberg seems to lack.