Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day Seven: The Sounds of Silence

In what amounts to unintended irony the Times has an editorial today that is titled, "The Silence of Politicians." Nothing, of course, on the Duke3 rape hoax, which could turn out to be the biggest case of prosecutorial misconduct in the country's history. The editorial was about one of the paper's pet shibboleths, the need for stricter gun laws after what happened at Va Tech this week.

Instead it is the Times that continues to shoot itself and its fading reputation in the foot. Imagine being more concerned about the possibility of misconduct by the US Attorney General, than the actual misconduct that the Times itself did its best to cover up in its August airbrushing of Nifong's abuse of power.

Is the railroading of three innocent college kids any less egregious because of their race and class status? Apparently in the editorial offices of the Times, the demographics of this case insures that "The Sounds of Silence" will continue to chime in at the old grey mare.