Thursday, April 19, 2007

Looking for the John Doe, Re, Mi

The furor over the John Doe lawsuit and particularly on its attack on the concerned bystanders to the antics of imams who, in our view, were clearly spoiling for the fight, is starting to heat up. As the NY Sun reports today (and as Azi over at the Observer pointed out last night), mayoral wannabe John Catsimatidis has taken out a full page ad in City Hall newspaper supporting the King amendment, legislation that would immunize security-minded whistle blowers.

Another mayoral contender, Congressman Anthony Weiner has also taken up the fight, and he was the only Democratic congressman in the city to support the King amendment. Not to be outdone, City Councilman Hiram Monseratte is planning to introduce a resolution of support for the King legislation, an action that will certainly force a number of reluctant folks to take sides down at city hall.

The issue, however, should be crystal clear for all New York law makers. The safety of the city depends on the vigilance of all of our citizens, and if they are cowed into silence and inaction because of the fear of being sued, then we are all put at greater risk. Every city council member should support the Monseratte resolution.