Thursday, November 10, 2005

Whither the City Council?

With all of the speculation now about who the next Council Speaker will be, it might be useful to think about what the new council and its leadership can do to come up with a thoughtful legislative agenda that is proactive as well as provocative. Since, in our view, the mayor is vision-challenged this exercise will be especially productive for a legislature dealing with a mayoral landside purchased by a billionaire.

We'll have more on this a little later but it is something that everyone should be thinking about especially since all of the pundits are talking about the need for Democrats to reinvent their approach to both politics and policy. It will also be interesting, as Jill Gardiner writes in today's Sun, how the newest councilmembers will fit in with their more established colleagues.

(For more on who will lead the next Council, check out this blog, dedicated solely to the Speaker race).