Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More on the Money

In yesterday's Sun, John Avlon makes the following point on the mayoral spending spree:
The mayor's cruise towards reelection indicates not only the strength of his record in office...but also the power of unlimited campaign cash...[that] in a seven month blanketing of the airwaves have transformed a mayor who had not been able to exceed 50% job approval rating during his first three years into the overwhelmingly favored candidate...
This is the kind of realistic analysis that needs to be done, along with the kind of evaluation that Julia Levy plumbs($) in her Sun story yesterday on the reassessments being done by the Democratic Party Clearly there is the need for a fresh approach (see Andrea Peyser yesterday in the Post on Weiner).

The role of money still remains the centerpiece (viz.,Clyde Haberman in yesterday's Times) since one could argue that Bloomberg ran a mostly pedestrian issue campaign and even stole some of the central themes outlined by Ferrer. Freddy wasn't as out idea-ed as he was out-spent.