Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Some of What We'd Like to See in the Next Four Years

1) Bloomberg defending small businesses by appointing a business friendly commissioner at DCA and advocating the total revamp of the adjudicatory system;

2) The NY Times doing a really good in-depth critique of the Bloomberg DOE;

3) Dan Doctoroff taking his leave and joining the Related Companies, going on their payroll officially for the first time;

4) Bloomberg moving to privatize the residential trash removal and disposal system;

5) Judge Cahn throwing out the sleazy BTM deal or, short of that, a relocation plan backed by the mayor that incorporates Chelsea Markets founder Irving Cohen's vision for a newly constructed retail/wholesale international market;

6) Wal-Mart getting blasted in Staten Island and everywhere else;

7) The city awarding a large development deal to a minority business;

8) The repeal of the confiscatory commercial real estate tax;

9) The redevelopment of Willets Point as a mecca for automotive repair businesses;

10) The winning of an NBA championship by the Brooklyn Nets;

11) Bloomberg responds to the 2006 fiscal crisis by promulgating a number of innovative re-inventing government initiatives (besides privatizing sanitation).