Monday, November 28, 2005

Miram and BJ's

Rumor has it that the Miram Group, fresh from its inspired campaign work with the Ferrer campaign, has been signed up to promote BJ's in the Bronx. We remember a time when Roberto Ramirez wouldn't have come anywhere near this kind of a project (yes, we must be getting old). At least he gets to join forces with his former chief-of-staff, Jamie Van Bremer, who is spearheading the lobbying effort for YNY.

I guess we should take this all as a supreme compliment. All of these heavy weights are definitely necessary since each of the Speaker candidates has said that the business tactics and practices of a company should be an important consideration in any ULURP application. Nothing these folks can do, however, will make BJ's a more responsible employer.

Update: We received a call from Paul Brickman, BJ's head of real estate development in the New York Metro area, who denied contracting with Miram (a smart move, if true).