Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Doctoroff "Highly Competent?"

Kudos to Ira Stoll who actually read the Daily News editorial in support of the mayor's reelection. As he points out yesterday on his blog the editorial is notable for its description of Deputy Dan as "highly competent."

The News is breaking new ground in its sycophancy. If anyone can be credited for the absolute fiasco on the West Side it’s our favorite deputy mayor. As Jim Rutenberg analyzed so well, it was Doctoroff's arrogance and top-down planning style that had a great deal to do with the crashing and burning of the stadium. In particular, Dan's maladroitness was compared unfavorably with the grass roots efforts of FCRC on Atlantic Yards.

You really got to wonder what actually is motivating the News in all of this puckering. Has anyone on the editorial board been reading Bill Egbert's exposes of the BTM and the cronyism that characterizes this no-bid stinker of a deal? Maybe someone should re-read Charles Bagli's article on the questionable relationship between Dan and Related's Steve Ross.