Wednesday, November 02, 2005

NY Sun on Ferrer/Bloomberg

In an editorial in today's NY Sun, the paper goes after Freddy for his "far left" thrust in last night's debate. We would agree that the late left lurch is not going to do Ferrer much good. Where we would disagree with the editorial, however, is the assertion that even without the Bloomberg spending Freddy would still be trailing badly.

That's certainly debatable. Even more so since Freddy was up 13 points last April before the mayor really started to open all the monetary spigots. While we definitely think that the Ferrer campaign needed to triangulate more, attacking the mayor from both sides of the plate, its hard to see how he could have been able to get the message out in any politically effective way in the face of the Bl$$mberg onslaught.

We do think that Anthony Weiner would have done this kind of a campaign but there's no one who believes it would have been able to get real traction. When the mayor is beating Freddy in the Black community by more than 10 points how would a more centrist campaign made much of a dent for Ferrer?