Thursday, June 23, 2005

Trash II

The mayor’s veto may be sustained but the folks on the East Side aren’t finished fighting. A Mr. Ard of the Gracie Point Community Association told the Times this morning that if all else fails his group is prepared to file a lawsuit:

"As the City Council now moves forward in considering the entire Solid Waste Management Plan, this community will continue to use every resource to demonstrate that East 91 Street is an inappropriate site for a 10-story, 24-hour, six-day-per-week garbage dump, " Anthony Ard, president of the Gracie Point Community Council, said in a statement. "Should all other measures fail, the community plans to continue the fight in court."

A spokesman for Mr. Miller said he was likely to join such a lawsuit if it is filed.
All of this is sadly what we predicted when we talked to the group’s leaders and their attorneys last fall.