Monday, June 13, 2005

Atlantic Yards Project

There are some who have been questioning our support (check out the comments section of that post) for the Atlantic Yards development. Please remember that the Alliance is not a generic anti-development group. It is an organization designed to advance and protect the interests of neighborhood retailers first and foremost.

The Atlantic Yards project will be building thousands of units of affordable housing and, most importantly from our standpoint, will not include big box stores but rather neighborhood-based retail. We also believe that when all is said and done there will be a number of minority store owners as part of the retail component of the project.

We will have more to say on this soon, as well as on our role in the project which is related exclusively to the sports aspect of the development. For those who want more information on the sports theme we suggest you get a hold of Richard Lipsky’s book, How We Play the Game, a comprehensive look at the political and social implications of American sports.