Friday, June 17, 2005

Garbage Politics Becoming Putrescible?

The confusion over David Yassky’s role in the upcoming override battle gets more confusing every day. The Crain’s Insider believes that Yassky is partnering with the mayor behind the Speaker’s back but a glowing New York Times “Public Lives” story only says that the iconoclastic councilman is trying to improve the mayor’s “half a loaf” plan. Here is the money quote:

… I'd like to see it improved to, say, three-fourths of a loaf … My preference is that we take the plan that's on the table and improve it, not throw it away in the trash
Meanwhile, Frank Lombardi reports in the Daily News that the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus of the City Council may play a key role in thwarting an override of the mayor’s veto. He reports that the Caucus split almost down the middle with 11 members voting with the mayor and 10 with the Speaker. A switch of one or two votes may make all the difference to the override vote scheduled for Thursday.

The key question is: Did the Speaker’s last minute proposal persuade enough votes? Lombardi reports a Council insider claiming that they have 32 out of the 34 necessary for the override. With a vote this close, and with both sides plying the wavering members with goodies, no outcome can be predicted.