Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Related, Not

Which brings us to the Gateway project on the gravesite of the Bronx Terminal Market. At yesterday’s hearing Jessey Masyr, a lawyer for Related, talked about a CBA when asked about the issue by Councilman Monseratte. He said it would be ready before the land use disposition reached the Council in ULURP.

Is he really serious? If Related wants to promulgate such an agreement it needs to tell City Planning to hold off on the certification of the application while it begins a negotiation with the Mid-Bronx community that came out to voice its concerns last Saturday at the Mullaly Recreation Center.

As Councilwoman Arroyo said at yesterday’s hearing, these folks, her constituents, are concerned about a wide range of issues. The Mid-Bronx Council, the Neighborhood Advisory Council and the Bronx Voices for Equal Inclusion stand ready to meet with the developer. It should happen immediately and not be a patchwork effort as Related tries to bum rush the project through ULURP.