Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Recycling Garbage

The Gotham Gazette is focusing on the issue of recycling and quite rightly makes it abundantly clear that the mayor’s plan has no clear methodology for achieving the lofty goal of a 26% recycling rate by 2010. It is also clear to us that the Council’s alternative is much too complex, relying on an elaborate system of recycling bureaucrats. As Benjamin Miller, former director of policy planning for the Department of Santiation points out in the Gazette:

“The plan proposes what I would argue are likely to be quite inefficient systems [that] reflect a flawed understanding of how a recycling system should be designed,” he said. “We have to keep it simple.” Miller believes the best way to increase recycling is to charge people for the amount of garbage they throw out, creating an incentive to reduce the amount of waste they produce by, for example, recycling more.”
What is also apparent is that city discussion of how the Hugo Neu facility makes the mayor’s recycling plan a breakthrough is plainly foolish. The more efficient processing of recyclables doesn’t enhance the feasibility or efficiency of collection.

Commercial Waste

The Gazette only mentions commercial waste in passing. The Council is looking to enforce a recycling policy on businesses while the mayor simply ignores the sector entirely. Yet this is the waste that the waterfront neighborhoods are up in arms about. We have been hearing rumbles that the Council is ready to implement a pilot program for commercial waste disposers. We’ll keep you updated on this.