Friday, June 10, 2005

“Giff’s Garbage”

A New York Post Editorial today attacks Gifford Miller for his Nimby attitude on waste transfer stations. That’s fair enough but then it goes on to say:

The mayor's plan may not be perfect, but it's sound. It funnels trash through transfer stations to barges, which would ship it out via the waterways.

This might cost a bit more in the short-term. But it would save a bundle down the road.
Oh really? How does a no waste reduction, no recycling, land-fill based methodology do anything but cost us a bundle down the road. With landfill space dwindling and disposal costs rising, the mayor’s plan condems the city to be held hostage to unfriendly environs.

The plan is unimaginative and expensive and everyone, including the Post, should stop the political posturing and tell both parties to negotiate a better deal for New Yorkers.

And while we’re on the subject, are we the only ones who can’t quite see how or why Bob McManus (the Post’s Editorial Editor) and the environmental justice folks are occupying the same public policy position. Bob, be careful with the dangers of guilt by association.