Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Preserving the Terminal Market

Susan Fainstein, acting Director of the Columbia University’s program in Urban Planning, was hired by the Bronx Terminal Market merchants to determine whether it was possible to preserve the market. Though the city and the Related Companies, the new developer, have not considered this option, Professor Fainstein clearly proves that there are a number of options for preserving the Terminal Market (including keeping the market where it is) while also moving forward with redevelopment.

It is sad that the merchants had to hire an outside authority to prove that preservation is viable and economically beneficial. The city should have been willing, from the beginning, to do what it could to maintain this vital distribution network. Instead EDC’s basic stance has been that they are under no obligation to keep the merchants together and the only relocation assistance offered has been giving the wholesalers copies of NYT warehouse ads.

The professor’s complete report can be found here.