Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mike Clubs It Up

In today's NY Post the paper reports that Mayor Mike is coming to the defense of the night club industry and the decision by the Giuliani administration to push the industry into the Far West Side. As the mayor said, "If you're going to have a vibrant society, you want people on the street..."

At the same time the mayor also said that more enforcement of the noise code is necessary in addition to a crackdown on phony ID's. The key issue, of course, is finding the proper balance here. The one thing that the mayor didn't mention was the need for a more coordinated enforcement policy, one that linked the NYPD with the security teams employed by the clubs.

Still, the mayor's comments were a positive development given the level of negativity that has emerged from the council over the past few weeks. Hopefully, the proposed "Safety Summit" planned for the Fall will also be characterized by the same spirit.