Thursday, August 24, 2006

BJ's Brushed Out

After trying twice to get zoning permission to build a warehouse store on Brush Avenue in the Bronx, BJ's Wholesale has finally thrown in the towel. As the NY Daily News reported this week the company has withdrawn its application and will no longer look to build at this Bronx site.

The withdrawal comes after we had been told on good authority that BJ's had been attempting to see if it could excavate the Brush Avenue location so that it could utilize a loophole in the city's zoning laws that allow stores that are "below grade" to avoid the square foot requirements for special use permits. That would have certainly set off a major battle since, as the News points out, the original application had been given a vigorous thumbs down.

BJ's did mange to sneak its way into the Gateway Mall development but was forced to agree to certain provisions, such as the acceptance of food stamps, that the Alliance had prodded the company on. These provisions mean that the company must change its business practices and needs to do so in all of its city locations.