Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Does NYC Like the Night Life?

Yesterday the Council Speaker unveiled a three point plan to keep New Yorkers safe after dark. The legislative initiative comes after a series of violent incidents that led to the death of two young women. Of the three points the one that makes most sense to us is Speaker Quinn's call for a "Night Life Safety Summit."

The Summit is essential because it will give the industry a real chance at explaining to city policy makers just how important the night life businesses are to the city's economy and image. For too long we have been hearing about the need for an array of punitive efforts aimed at restricting the industry's ability to operate.

What is needed is a recognition that the city needs to develop an approach that nurtures night clubs and makes the areas around the clubs safe for the patrons. The unfortunate death of Jennifer Moore came about because she and a friend were wandering around searching for their care that had been towed by the NYPD.

Does it make sense to tow cars from the deserted Far West Side in the middle of the night? Or is it a better policy to provide the street parking so that club goers can park near their destinations? Let's make the club areas patron and business friendly just like a number of other large cities do. This should be the focus of any summit.