Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Daniel Does Destroy: Goldstein Seeks End of Hoop Dreams

In today's NY Sun the paper reports on the behind the scenes negotiations it says are going on to downsize the Atlantic Yards project. Many of the critics, as well as some supporters such as Brooklyn BP Markowitz, have encouraged FCRC to decrease the development's density.

There are undoubtedly a number of well meaning critics who want to see development go forward but who are honestly concerned with the project's size and scope. And then there is DDD's enfant terrible Daniel Goldstein who clearly just wants the whole thing to die an ignoble death. As the Sun reports DG feels that FCRC needs to "change the 22 acre footprint" and consider "not building a basketball arena."

Goldstein also told the paper that a size reduction alone would not halt the "my way or the highway"opposition to the project. Even the linchpin of the development for so many in Brooklyn-the team and the arena- is something that this misanthrope wants to disappear. Which means that the best thing that could happen to Brooklyn would be for Goldstein to disappear from the footprint of the borough.

His opposition to the arena, something we are going to advertise far and wide throughout the borough, means that there are now thousands of newly minted volunteers who will be delighted to man the bulldozer when the legal green flag is waived to demolish this obstructionist's abode. He has now gone from being a legitimate critic to just some self-serving crank and a pest.