Monday, August 28, 2006

Lacking Probity

The NY Post continues its crusade for sobriety this morning when it "reports" on next week's hearing on New York's liquor laws that will be conducted by State Senator Nick Spano of Yonkers. It appears that the focus will be"on new ways to crack down on underage drinking, including whether to mandate training and licensing for all bouncers, servers and liquor license holders."

Isn't it wonderous how whenever a problem such as this arises the government ends up increasing licensing requirements and regulatory restrictions? Not a word from Spano about going after those youngsters who knowingly commit fraud in their pursuit of fake IDs.

The senator, an instant expert after a brief tour of Chelsea a few week's ago, witnessesd some drunk patrons in the street and concluded that there were liquor law violations "evidently going on inside of these clubs." We wonder how many kids from the senator's Yonkers home were at those same venues when the senator did his fact finding? We're waiting breathlessly for St. Nick to announce in Yonkers that he is going after those kids by toughening the penalties for possession of a fake ID.