Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fake IDs

As we approach the Senate hearing on liquor licensing that will be held at the behest of Nick Spano it is useful for us to point out that there is a veritable industry engaged in devising newer and more sophisticated fraudulent IDs for youngsters who are intent to drink and violate the 21 laws. Recently, USA Today did an interesting story on the new levels of sophistication involved in this deception.

As one of the sub-heads in the story pointed out-"Smart licenses, smarter kids." Here's how the paper put it, "For authorities, busting the high-tech fake ID market often means outsmarting a generation that has outpaced them on computers." No matter what kind of licenses a state comes up with, some clever kid is duplicating it in a matter of months.

What is needed here, especially in an age of homeland security, is for the authorities to crackdown hard on this. Suspension of drivers licenses and criminal penalties are needed for this cottage industry to be brought under control. In addition, the scores of websites that advertise "bulletproof" IDs also need to be investigated and put out of business.

What we have here is far more serious than simply kids looking to get over and get drunk. We have a serious crisis that needs the full force of the law to be brought under control. Let's not simply target the storekeeper or clubowner who is being bamboozled. After all, if these IDs can fool law enforcement than a well meaning clubowner is at a distinct disadvantage.