Friday, December 09, 2005

Phone-y Cards: "No Mas"

The NY Post is reporting today that the phone card company responsible for distributing the "Grandes Ligas" prepaid phone card, is removing the card from circulation. "Thousands of cards will be removed from hundreds of bodegas and other stores, said Wolrldwide Telecom lawyer Evan Weiderkehr."

This is exactly what the lawyers call a "constructive admission." It likely means that the depth of the deception, first raised by the Bodega Association, goes deep indeed and the removal of the card isn't likely to mollify those who feel aggrieved. It also raises questions about the initial statements in defense of the cards by the main distributor of the card, one Mr. Dean Cary of Compass Global: "These cards are the best cards for calls made to the Dominican Republic."

Which, if true, is a frightening thought. It would then mean that there are a slew of corporate predators taking advantage of the immigrant Dominican community. It is hard to believe that there won't be a number of government investigations of this mess to go along with the one promised by Major League Baseball.