Tuesday, December 06, 2005

League of their Own

The NY Post, following up on its story yesterday, announces that the MLB is planning to investigate the Grandes Ligas (Big Leagues) phone cards that use the images of various Dominican baseball stars and have been ripping off consumers for years. Major League Baseball is concerned that the cards are infringing on various copyrights and make it look like the product is an officially-endorsed product.

"These products are not licensed by Major League Baseball Properties. We made our legal department aware of it, and we are investigating," said MLB spokesman Carmine Tiso.
If copyright infringement is determined, the Post reports, the MLB may sue the card manufacturers. If so, they will be joining a long line of disgruntled parties, namely the Bodega Association and various Dominican stores and organizations that were sold these cards and unsuspectingly passed them off to their predominately Hispanic customers who were consistently then shortchanged.