Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ground Up and Left With Zero

The Daily News continues with its breathtaking look at the fiasco at Ground Zero four years later and continues to expose the favoritism and out-right larceny. Ironically, since he was certainly empowered to be involved long before the News wrote this series, the mayor is now joining with Rep. Peter King in calling for a full investigation of any potential wrongdoing (of all those "other guys" no doubt).

Part of any probe, however, should be an examination of the mayor's own nonfeasance. From his unexpected elevation in 2001 he has left this entire area to the governor. And if he wants to claim otherwise then, be our guest, since he would then be enmeshing himself and transforming apparent nonfeasance into malfeasance.

What continues to gall us is the way that the small businesses of the area got shafted and the News continues to find new evidence of this. While the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation was financing festivals and fixing up the streetscapes, local retailers and other small firms were being neglected. And it is no surprise that the firms getting the most money were those least in need.

So please investigate and, while doing so, lets make sure that the businesses that face eviction because of the MTA's plans don't get re-victimized by selfless policy makers.