Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Council's Domain is Restrictive

In today's NY Sun Russell Berman reports on the City Council's looming support for legislation introduced in Albany that would "mandate a local review process before government could, by asserting a public interest, take control of private property." Tish James, the sponsor of the proposed resolution of support, says that she understands that eminent domain has its place, "There just needs to be some more checks and balances on the abuse of eminent domain, particularly in light of the Kelo decision."

This is not a radical position on its face. We'd like to see full hearings on all aspects of the ED issue and, to make the discussion even more germane, the discussion should be included to take in the adequacy of the current ULURP process. The cursory level of the current review procedures, when coupled with potentials for corruption, demand a better oversight process.