Thursday, December 15, 2005

BJ's, Wal-Mart: Happy Together

A while back we learned that the Related Companies, the developers of the Bronx Terminal Market site, were looking to put a Target, Home Depot and BJ’s into their Gateway mall. We also speculated that since there are two more big box tenants left to be identified Wal-Mart was a very real possibility. Related reps have vigorously denied that Wal-Mart will be on site (no denial of the labor-unfriendly BJ’s though) but our point is that once the property is rezoned to commercial use there is nothing anyone can do to preclude the world’s largest and most infamous retailer.

One may say that if Target and BJ’s are already going to tenant Related’s Gateway Mall then a Wal-Mart there is impractical from a competition standpoint. Well we think this picture of the Harriman Mall’s entrance sign is worth a thousand words: