Friday, December 09, 2005

Greg David on Eminent Domain

In this week's Crain's editor Greg David weighs in on the side of opponents of ED. His main objection, one that is most compelling, is the way in which the taking of property usually involves developers with singular political clout who are pitted against those without much influence.

He also objects to the fact that the Brooklyn plan does not need the approval of a single legislative body which, although true, is one of the first times Greg has shown the slightest degree of respect for any of our esteemed elected officials.

The reality in Brooklyn is that the AY project has a great deal of political support and the developer has met with a wide range of local groups. A full land use review would not necessarily yield a different result. And this assumption overvalues the importance and efficacy of ULURP. It would undoubtedly, however, be a fascinating media circus. In the end the level of scrutiny, as well as the result, would probably be the same.