Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rent Strike/Call For Federal Investigation

Today at 2:00 p.m. on the steps of City Hall, the Bronx Terminal Market merchants will declare a rent strike against the Related Companies. The merchants will charge Related with failing to perform is legally-obligated landlord duties, using the rent money not to maintain the market but for its own development and legal costs. Currently the merchants pay $280,000/month to Related while Related pays only $22,000 to the City. Merchant association president Stanley Mayer will say that there is no reason for this gross disparity and that the merchants should not be funding their own evictions.

Mr. Mayer will also discuss the merchants’ frustration with the city. More than a year after the Bronx Terminal Market redevelopment was announced, the merchants still have not been offered a viable relocation plan. This is made more egregious considering that Related, whose president Steve Ross is very close to the Deputy Mayor, has been bequeathed subsidies, a no-bid contract and an unbelievable lease deal.

Also in attendance will be Councilmen Monserrate and Barron as well as a representative from the Latino Officers Association (LOA). The LOA, with the support of the councilmen, will announce that they’re sending a letter to the U.S. Attorney requesting an investigation of the entire deal that brought Related to the Terminal Market and resulted in the attempted eviction of the wholesaler tenants.

For more details about the event download the full release.