Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Racket for Deputy Dan

When a cop or firefighter retires all of his or her friends generally get together and hold what is called, in the vernacular, a racket, a kind of testimonial and going away roast. It looks like there will be one held in honor of our selfless deputy mayor Dan Doctoroff.

On September 20th a few of Dan's good buddies from the neighborhood will be holding a breakfast in his honor. It was unsurprising, however, to discover (Thanks to the Crain's Insider), that the festivities will be sponsored by Steve Ross of the Related Companies and Jay Cross of the Jets. (Memo to the Conflicts of Interest Board: ongoing association, get it?).

Ostensibly the event is to honor Dan's efforts on behalf of NYC2012. In reality the debt of gratitude owed by Ross to Doctoroff can't be repaid with any measly scrambled eggs breakfast. Our bet here is that the ongoing Ross-Doctoroff affair will continue profitably for many years to come. Maybe the COIB will find a conflict here posthumously.